The Strongest Identity Belief – Be Careful with Your Words

Hey Lightsquad,

today I want to talk a bit about identity beliefs, also the strongest beliefs we humans have.

What are identity beliefs?

Very easy, ‘I am…’ and ‘I am not…’ beliefs.

Whenever you say ‘I am…’ you express a belief on the deepest soul level. BEING is deeper than feeling or thinking.

This is powerful, but can also be very destructive.

See, if you say:

I am loved.
I am pretty.
I am worthy.
I am attracting abundance.
I am a good friend.
I am curious explorer.

These are very powerful serving beliefs.

But what if you say:

I am indecisive (guilty af).
I am sceptical.
I am pessimistic.
I am impulsive.
I am needy.
I am a jealous person.

Woah, see how negatively impactful these beliefs can be?

Now let’s look at negation.

I am not angry.
I am not fat.
I am not a hypocrite.
I am not lazy.
I am not unlucky.
I am not unreliable.

By the law of attraction which is only inclusive and doesn’t understand ‘not’ you create the opposite, so:

I am angry.
I am fat.
I am a hypocrite.
I am lazy.
I am unlucky.
I am unreliable.

Woah, not good, right?

If you don’t understand why the LOA is only inclusive, maybe this thought helps you.

Just imagine, whatever you think about, is created into your reality.

So thinking about not being lazy, is still thinking about laziness. Whereas not thinking about laziness at all, is not creating laziness.

Everything that comes to your attention and into your awareness, is creation.
There’s no NOT. Because not only exists if you don’t create it in the first place. If it doesn’t have a space in your thoughts.

That’s why in a relationship, if a person considers themselves: I am not jealous is actually jealous, just like a person that considers themselves as jealous.
A non-jealous person wouldn’t think about not being jealous or jealousy at all.
Because that isn’t viable within their current reality as it doesn’t reflect their subconscious truths.

I hope that was clear, otherwise just ask in the comments 🙂


First of all, you gotta track them and there are a million different ways. But to be honest, if you want to rewrite your core identity beliefs, you gotta go down into the deep layers to make long-lasting change.

Of course you can work on yourself consciously. And I would definitely recommend doing it. But do both, not only one of the two if you want to see results quickly.

I give you an exercise, to form strong identity beliefs through meta modeling aka. transforming them.

You track limiting beliefs within one area of life. Let’s say relationships as this is something I can relate to currently.

Write down everything you believe about relationship and love.

Love is short-lived. Love is a social construct. Love is everywhere. I am unconditional love…

You write down EVERYTHING you believe about love and relationships and then how you feel towards it.

I feel people in relationships lose their independence.
I feel people in relationships are big teamplayers.
I feel people who love are in a good mood more often.
I feel people in relationships have the best sex life.

Just write it down.

And then, write down what you do:

I go on dates, but I only attract unavailable people.
My dates don’t see me as I am and I close myself off.
I hold myself back on dates, because I fear I am scaring people away.
I welcome new people into my life with open arms and make meaningful connections.
I love meeting exciting new people and exiting my comfort zone.

See the difference?

You probably don’t have only serving/limiting beliefs, but a mix.
And that mix can be the reason, you don’t manifest your desires.


Now what do you do with your limiting beliefs?
Just feel into a person who, in this example, has a wonderful loving relationship, and do the same thing again. But only serving thoughts!

I am a loving person.
I feel I am seen and heard by my partner.
I go on exciting dates with my soulmate every week.

Of course, don’t only write down one, but everything that comes up.

And after?

After that, you can say. I am and feel and have of all of this.

And that’s it, you shifted your beliefs.

But then again, like I said – if you had beliefs over 20 years of your life, they won’t just be replaced by doing this exercise once, BUT you can do it regularly and it will have the same effect as doing subconscious work on your belief system.

If you want to get there faster though and transform your life more quickly, you can work with me and find out more in a FREE DISCOVERY CALL 🙂

As always, I want you to live your most lit up life!

Uncover it with me – Shine your light!

xx, Nirina