Let’s Talk About Sexual Health, Baby! Hormone-free Contraception Instead of The Morning After-Pill

Hey Lightsquad,

I told you often enough I would be of a disservice if I didn’t share my knowledge on any kind of topic regarding holistic health.

So, I’m keeping this promise.

Some of you may know, I had major commitment issues which I resolved through, well, starting dating people.
If I am 111% honest though, with some guys I had verbally communicated to be casual with, no strings attached.

I know, some people might not agree with this, but this is not the point of this particular blog post.
We can talk about different relationship and dating forms at another time.

What I want to talk to you about today is:


We have to a bit into the past. When I was 16 I went on the pill, not necessarily to have sex, but to combat my immensely irregular period.

If I had known at that time how this poisonous hormone cocktail would ef my life up, I wouldn’t have taken it so lightly.

But I did and I did for approx. 4 years.

I got digestive issues and depression and, oh wonder, an even more f-ed up menstrual cycle.

After coming off the pill, I hadn’t had my period for 1 year and 3 months.
Just let that sink in.

Imagine thoughts going through my brain like:

“Will I ever be able to have children?”

“Is my body truly so malnourished that I wouldn’t be able to conceive?”
“Do I even have to use contraception to avoid getting pregnant?”

These and so many more questions couldn’t be answered.
Luckily, I did have other major life problems to focus on #gastritis, so I really didn’t shed too many thoughts on probably never being able to birth a child.

Anyways, I got my period, was half happy, half annoyed, but more happy than annoyed.
My period meant my body was healing.
Even if it was still super irregular. It came.

From this moment on, I decided:


Not that it mattered at that time, because I wasn’t sexually active, but, yeah, I made myself this promise.


Fast forward to now, or well, last year, I started seeing people with different intentions.
Honestly, deep down I knew, this whole process was my way of combatting commitment issues.
And I still think, it’s better to have this with someone who has the same intentions regarding commitment as “using” someone with the intention to commit to a partner.

Still, the question came, how would I practice safe sex?

No brainer answer, condoms.

And on this note, I do have friends who don’t use them, even with casual partners which I would absolutely not recommend doing, because STI’s are so common nowadays.
And it only needs one contact with one infected person and you’d be at risk.


Unless, you are in a committed relationship and both of you got tested for HIV and chlamydia at least.

That being said, what happens if you practice safe sex and an accident happens?

Well, that’s exactly what I want to shed light on!


It could be that you have the best intentions practicing safe sex, but still, accidents happen.

Technically, this is an easy-fix- just take the morning-after pill, right?!


Hormones aside…

Did you know that the morning-after pill only works if you HAVEN’T YET HAD YOUR OVULATION?

If you happen to have sex exactly after ovulation, there’s a 25% chance you might get pregnant.

Now, you might think, easy, I know when I ovulate.

Wrong, again.

If you have an irregular cycle, just like I do, you could be ovulating at any time.
I know this, I actually reverse engineered it, because at some point I read up taking temperatures and checking the consistency of my discharge.

With irregular cycles, it’s not as easy as sicking to the 12-18 day rule.

Short cycles are pretty risky as well.

Anyways, just know that you don’t know anything unless you have a regular cycle, near to 0 stress or major life and environment changes.
Yeah, right.

Ok, now that we have concluded that we’re pretty much always on a risky side, let’s look at a method of emergency contraception, pharmacists, couples and individuals should know about, but they don’t.


I was honestly shocked that my casual counterpart found new info regarding contraception that I didn’t know about (panic makes people pretty resourceful).

When he told me that it’s possible to get a copper IUD and it would avoid pregnancy with a 99%, even after a possible ovulation if it was inserted within 5 days of the sexual accident, I was baffled.

Now, on this note, I want to say, I’ve always said that the moment I’d be in a serious relationship I would get the copper IUD. Sharing the costs and responsibility, ya know?

So, of course, I wasn’t pushed into deciding to get it a bit earlier than imagined.

Yes, we were in panic! 😀

And guess what, yes, that was the reason why I was so emotionally drained 2 weeks ago and what I was more or less secretly going through.

Besides the accident, the morning-after pill, thinking about worst case-scenarios and tripping, how my cas mate would say, I underwent this invasive procedure.

On this note, if he happens to read this, thank you again for paying for the whole procedure.
I don’t take it for granted and I am just really really grateful for your support!

My closest friends asked me if it was painful.

The procedure itself, no, actually I was too chilled. So chilled that the doctor asked me if I am not able to experience pain.
You also have to keep in mind too that I went to the consultation and within 2 hours got another appointment. I could literally not sleep on it.

If some of you go through this, I can give you 3 tips:

  1. I was recommended to take Ibuprofen 600 mg an hour before and a gel as a local anaesthetic 15 minutes before.
  2. I prayed to the universe, this time even God, source energy or whatever you may call it, to protect me, this decision and make this a comfortable experience.
  3. BREATHE & MEDITATE. That’s what I did. I took my knowledge on the benefits of breathing and meditation and calmed my muscles and my nervous system.

That was it. It was somewhat a bit uncomfortable. Tbh, I had more painful regular check ups.

The really uncomfortable part for me was the hours and days after I got the full sensation of feeling back and I started to get menstrual blood (that’s normal).

But honestly, it could have been because worse, because of the effects of the morning-after pill, too.

Now, I will have my first check up next week, just to see that everything is at the right place and I am secure.

A bit about the safety. This kind of copper IUD, a copper chain has a pearl index of 0.2-0.5 which is by far within the most secure contraception methods, also in regards that it can be worn by more women as it doesn’t take as much place as the spiral variant.

The first 7 days after implementation, the woman isn’t allowed to have sex, do exercise or hot-water bottle. Also, tampons and a menstrual cups are a a no-no.

It is recommended to wait for the check up to have sex again, especially without condoms, because a wrong fit doesn’t ensure the full safety.

It can stay up to 5 years and does come with a hefty price of around 300-400€, so of course, it’s more expensive then the morning-after pill.

But, it’s free of hormones, and broken down, it’s 5 – 6,67€ per month. So, even significantly cheaper than the normal contraception pill.

That’s everything, I’ve got for now.

I can keep you updated and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write me an e-mail or if you want to reach me as fast as possible, send me a dm @vam_po on Insta.

Don’t let mishaps like this hold you back from manifesting your dream life, maybe including a loving significant other.

For that, I just want to remind you again:

I am a spiritual transformation coach and help you release mental blocks, get out of victim mentality and step into sovereignty and responsibility to embrace your full creator potential.
I help you become a conscious manifestor in all areas that are important to you.
I call this process: Uncover your light, because we all have it in us at all times, but dim it or had external factors made us dim it for a long time.

If that sounds intriguing to you, you can read more HERE and book your COMPLIMENTARY DISCOVERY CALL HERE 🙂

Until soon,

shine your light!

xx, Nirina