Relapsing with Emotional Eating

Hey Lightsquad,

I want to talk a bit about healing an eating disorder.

I know this is a hard topic for those still going though it, but even if you already took the great steps, they might still be some remains.

The journey is hard and long and very emotional. And I really just want to help you get back to health faster.

So, if you ever find yourself in an emotional eating (or not eating) phase again, remind yourself of these things:

  1. It’s just a phase and it doesn’t have to dictate our lives. One slip up isn’t going to matter so much in the long run!
  2. Forgive yourself. Even people without an eating disorder stuff themselves over holidays and sometimes even without a real reason!
    So, it’s normal to have days where you overindulge or don’t have an appetite.
  3. You have fallen into the trap of the old autopilot. It takes some time to retrain yourself to a better eating habit. Try to find out the trigger and then work on the root cause. Every time you do, you get closer to sovereignty 🙂

Personally, I also think it helps to have a circle of trust you can turn to if this eating disorder relapse happens.
Just like AA, there are people who want to exchange themselves in a judgement free zone.

Look on social media for groups, turn to your friends or family, whomever you can trust.

And I also really do want to offer an ear and shoulder to cry on.
I’ve been there and it still happens to me sometimes.

It gets better, trust me. And one day, I’m sure, we are free of this compulsion.

If you want to work on your life in general, as I know most compulsions come from untreated trauma and living an unfulfilling life, listen up:

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Shine your light!

xx, Nirina