Quarantine Challenge – Getting Fit with Homeworkouts

Hey Lightsquad,

you are probably in self isolation just like I am.

This means you go out as little as possible, for getting groceries, maybe meeting some friends, but mostly stay at home.

You know I haven’t been a fit bunny or anything, but I’m an outdoorsy girl and also love spending my time with dancing Hip Hop which I can’t do at the moment.

So, of course I had to find a substitution for this time.
And then I remembered, I bought the vegan bundle in January and one of those ebooks was a whole fitness guide.
I committed to trying this in March, but never got to it.

Not that I had any excuse, but I had HipHop classes and yoga already and too much exercise is also not the best!


I just starting doing ‘The Sculpt Guide’ from Zanna van Dijk last Monday.

4 workouts a week, mostly bodyweight and done for you for 12 weeks.
What else could I ask for?

While writing this post I have done half the workouts for this week. And let me tell you, I am pretty exhausted in the most positive way.

Anyways, this made me think, maybe I should write an encouraging blog post about using this time for self care and physical health is such a big part of health in general.

Most of us sit at home, barely move and eat more than usual and this will make you lethargic at some point.

My sister e.g. gets exercises from her school to do at home whether that’s doing yoga, going for a run or a home workout. We adults need this kind of motivation as well.

And of course, I know not everyone has a gym at home, but you don’t need one.

You could just do yoga or have an hour long dance session daily and you can’t tell me, there’s not enough place for ANY kind of sport.

So, let’s make it a challenge.

I challenge you to pick a physical health goal, some kind of movement and let me know about it.

You get free accountability via dm/telegram and you can win a 90 min breakthrough session with me if you stick to your action plan as long as quarantine/self isolation lasts.

You don’t have to do this alone.

To make it fair, you have until the end of April to send me a dm on Insta @vam_po or just an e-mail to express your interest in participating and I will check in with you weekly to help you track your progress!

Good luck for everyone who is participating!

If you want to use this time to really work on yourself, then check out my coaching offers 🙂

I am a spiritual transformation coach and help you release mental blocks, get out of victim mentality and step into sovereignty and responsibility to embrace your full creator potential.
I help you become a conscious manifestor in all areas that are important to you.
I call this process: Uncover your light, because we all have it in us at all times, but dim it or had external factors made us dim it for a long time.

If that sounds intriguing to you, you can read more HERE and book your COMPLIMENTARY DISCOVERY CALL HERE 🙂

Also please stay safe and take some time for self care.

Hopefully hear from you! And otherwise until next week.

Shine your light!

xx, Nirina