Paris, the city of love and Disney Wonderland

Let’s start with Disney

Hello, guys,

I’m coming back to you with another travel post. This time around it’s about my trip with Mili to Disneyland and Paris.

The whole reason Mili and I went to Paris in the first place was that Mili’s childhood dream was to go to Disneyland.

So shortly before her birthday last year, I have seen an amazing deal for Disneyland on Travelcircus and decided to gift her a trip there.

We soon talked about a whole vacation to Paris, because she has also never been to Paris.
Said and done.

So on the 6th of October we took the Thalys to Paris Gare du Nord and from there to Marne la Vallée-Chessy.
We were very lucky to have a shuttle from there to our hotel.

When we arrived we were rebooked into another hotel, because ours was fully vacated which turned out to be the best thing that could happen to us.

We landed in the Dreamcastle Hotel and we also got a complimentary dinner for the inconvenience.

Included was also access to the spa and fitness area which we took advantage of the next morning.

But enough of that.

Let’s get to our first day in Disneyland.

We decided to go into the Walt Disney Studios, because it’s smaller than the Mainland and we still had to drop our luggage at our hotel.

The first thing we did was going to see ‘Stitch Live’ which was cute for children and funny and an interactive show.
Oh wait, no. Of course, we got Minnie Mouse Ears first!

After that we just strolled around and decided to go to the ‘Tower of Terror’.
And man, I forgot to tell you I was super sick on that day with a cold, so, disclaimer:
Don’t do the ride if you’re sick.

Basically it’s an elevator which is like a tower you freefall down from. But it also moves and has a hologram show included.

The adrenaline rush was high, I literally thought I would die, and I don’t scare easily.

In the middle of the ride, the elevator stops with a wonderful view over Disneyland until you fall again.

So, if you aren’t scared of heights, go for it!

After the Tower of Terror, we decided to eat a crepe. I must say the food isn’t very tasty, don’t try the salted caramel crepe. It has a weird aftertaste.

But we heard the best food in whole Disneyland is at ‘Chez Remy‘, directly next to the Ratatouille ride which we went to next.

And this is a 3D ride and, honestly, was super cute and well made. It’s a definite recommend.

Last but not least we finished with the preview to the new ‘Maleficent’ Movie, before we went back to the hotel for our complimentary dinner.


Like I already mentioned, we went to the Mainland of Disneyland on Day 2.

The Disneyland Park is divided into these , I think, 5 parts, differently themed.

We went through each one and decided to do the suggested ‘highlights’ and whatever other attractions and shows interested us and we had time to do.

I could count them all, but it would be quite boring for you, right?!
So, besides the highlights, we can recommend the river cruises in Fantasyland.

One tip from my end is to not expect being able to do everything.
That’s the one thing we’re not really into: the waiting times.
They can be up to 120, maybe even more in high season.

Of course, we also made the mistake to go there on a Saturday, meaning lots of families with little kids were there and also the ticket prices are generally higher on the weekend.

In between, we really needed some food, of course.

I was really into the idea of a Mickey Mouse shaped pizza, but sadly the place was closed. So we ended up eating at ‘The Fuente Del Oro’, because lots of places didn’t have a lot of vegetarian options besides a salad.

And be aware, the prices are really high as well.

Mili had an upset stomach after this meal which I just can’t ignore and need to make you aware of.
We don’t know for sure if it was only because of this meal, she had a meat menu, burrito or fajita, I don’t remember.

I was feeling well after my veggie menu (2) and it was also fairly priced.

After our exhausting Disney-Day, we squeezed in a dinner at Annette’s Diner at the Disney Village and I had the hugest veggie burger with lots of grilled veg and a portobello mushroom bun instead of a normal bun. And it was very tasty.

After, we managed to see the big Disney Fireworks from the Main Street and it was a wonderful finish to our Disney Trip.



We stayed at the Dream Castle Hotel a night longer, so we could have one stress-free day at Disneyland.

For us, this Sunday meant just moving our stuff to our new Airbnb and recover a bit.

All we did after arriving in our beautiful loft in the 2nd arrondissement is exploring the 2nd and 10th arrondissement a bit, walk down to see the Notre Dame under construction and get some dinner at an all-veggie place.

I was so excited for the food, but sadly I was disappointed by the taste.

Doesn’t matter, at least we saw a beautiful rainbow on the way there.

If you want to see all my food guides btw, you can always check @vam_po for them.



Sometimes things just don’t go as you have planned them. In those times, don’t be disappointed, but count blessings in disguise.

So, like mentioned earlier already, we didn’t feel all too well, so we decided to stay at home after having breakfast.

Our AirBnB was big enough to not feel like missing anything or feeling suffocated or anything.

Resting gave us the power for the next days to do at least some things we wanted to do.



I wouldn’t say we powered through the last 3 days, I would say we took as much with us what we could.

We of course went out eating a lot, twice a day, for brekkie and dinner, but we also toured through Paris.

We started by getting a bit insights into Modern Arts in the Centre Pompidou.
Some things were definitely not for the eyes of children, but overall we liked the exhibitions.

Then we went to a mall, cause Mili really wanted to check out the new Victoria’s Secret collection.

The next day, we checked out the ‘Père Lachaise Cemetery’, the ‘Institute of Mont Arabe’, ‘La Défense’, ‘Sacre Coeur’ and generally the Montmarte.

Our last day was filled with the centre exploration, that means the Louvre, Tuileries Garden, Champs-Elysées and Eiffel Tour.

I know, normally I write in depth about all these spots, but I just really feel like Paris is best explored on your own and each place has its charm.

Also I want to remind you that we tried slow travelling, this means, no planning on my side.
More or less we could stick to it, but especially because of the small vegetarian and vegan options in restaurants, it actually was taking too much time going from one place to the next.

So yeah, for a planoholic like me, it was very weird to just let us do what we feel like doing most of the time.

Have I felt more at ease?
Not necessarily. But can I blame this on my cold?

The verdict therefore is, if you already know beforehand of tricky situations, plan these out, but otherwise, definitely recommend slow traveling!

I’m done with this post now. Short and sweet.

You can always check in with me for more details.

How did you like the blogpost?
Comment below! Maybe you have suggestions for some awesome travel destinations 🙂
But honestly, I think this might have been the last vacation for me in this year, unless the universe surprises me with something 😀

Love you guys,