Heading South…Let’s Explore Bavaria together

Heading South…Let’s Explore Bavaria together

Hey Lightsquad,

you might have seen it in my stories @vam_po on Instagram.

I’ve been on a mini road trip the last week and it turned out to absolutely top my expectations.

Little backstory:

My wonderful friend and most beautiful model @nikanewfield had her 22nd birthday.

She didn’t have too many amazing memories when it came to celebrating her birthday, so we said, we would make it a great one to remember this year.

Said and done.

Because of numerous reasons, what was supposed to be a week-long trip was shortened to a shorter trip.

I take responsibility for that, because you might know, I have been looking for a flat.

And I only had a limited time period.

But back to our trip.

We had I would say 3 full days and 2 half days to explore the South of Germany.

Of course the content creators in us already pre-picked spots that would serve well as photo backgrounds 😀


It took roughly 6 hours to drive from NRW to Bad Reichenhall, and of course, such a trip is exhausting.

Still, after we arrived, we still walked a bit around the area and discovered, we were pretty close to Austria.

See for yourself 😀

It was a beautiful evening walk and we went to bed early, because some shooting-heavy dates were following the next days.


For our first backdrop, we drove to the Königssee and discovered the only way to the St.Bartholomew church was through taking a boat there.

We did and it was the best decision!

I mean just look at this picture!


After arriving at the little island, we where overwhelmed with the beauty of nature.

Here are some ideas for you and if you want to see more, just check @nikanewfield or @vam_po or @nirinajuliana on Instagram🙌🏽

We spent a few hours there and then drove to Garmisch-Partenkirchen where the lady from AirBnB kept us waiting in the pouring rain over an hour (luckily we were in a car)!


The flat was a beautiful and cozy apartment with a mountain view from the balcony.

Look here:


The next day, it was Nika’s birthday, so we had to properly celebrate that 😀

We planned on going to the Zugspitze, but arriving there were shocked with a major price tag of 48€ to take the lift once up and down.

After finding out, it was too foggy anyways, we decided to check out the Eibsee hereby.

It is apparently called ‘the German Caribbean’.

Well, let’s just say, we weren’t that happy after having seen the Königssee which is a million times prettier.

On this note, we should have gone there on summer and maybe at sunrise and then it would have been gobsmacking.

So, we decided to try taking a lift to one of the slightly smaller mountains and found the Alpspitz.

We drove up and tried taking some pictures which was semi-successful 😀

But see the landscape there here:


After some failed tries we went back to our flat and took pictures on the balcony.


The rest of the evening we spent chilling and enjoying Nika‘s birthday.


On our way back, we made a pit-stop in Munich to take, yes, some more pictures 😀

After 30 minutes of searching for a parking space, we just drove into a garage and winged it.

The first spot we checked out was the court garden.

I remember I was there with my friends in October.

This time around it was a bit colder and windier, but we still managed to get some decent pictures.

Teamwork is dreamwork 🙂

See some results on @nikanewfield‘s account.

The second spot was somewhere in the middle of the city.

But as you can guess, there are a lot of passengers in the streets of Munich 😀

I think we did well anyways.

And yeah, that’s a bit about out short trip and insights from our mini roadtrip to the south of Germany.

By far our most favorite spot was the Königssee.

We couldn’t check out a lot of course, but we‘re very happy with what we saw.

Another end note:

When it comes to Bavarian cuisine, it’s not vegan friendly at all, so bear in mind to cook for yourself or search for places beforehand!

And that’s it for my newest travel post 🙂

Currently the travel situation is limited. You know why.

It’s said, but I guess, we just gotta explore our own country a bit more or well, stay at home until the madness of restrictions have passed.

Stay safe.

And always shine your light!

Love you guys,