Let’s Talk About Sex…ual Health

Hey Lightsquad,

SEXUAL HEALTH is often a taboo topic. But no more. At least not here.

It doesn’t matter if you are currently seeing someone or not, sexual health is something that should be on all of our minds.

How you can ensure sexual health then?

  1. Go to routine check ups, one every 6 months.
    Additionally, get yourself tested on STI’s every year from the moment on that you start to be sexually active.
    Chlamydia e.g. is covered by healthcare in Germany once in a year.
    Little side note, do go to doctors instead of buying home-kits.
  2. Get vaccinated for hpv. My mom and I did it pretty early, I think I was finished when I was 13. You have to get 3 injections and are good to go for life.
  3. Think about contraception.
    And I mean, not only practicing safe sex through using condoms.
    Hate to say it, but condoms aren’t enough. The human error is too big! Which brings us to different options, out of which most of you guys only really know the birth control pill.



  1. The birth control pill – very safe – Pearl Index 0.1-0.9)
    Comes in different varieties, 21 days of taking the pill and 7 days rest is the usual option. It is often associated with other positive side effects, weaker menstrual cycles and pms symptoms, better skin etc, but it doesn’t protect you from STI’s
  2. The contraceptive injection – pretty safe – 0.3 -0.88
    Usually injected every 3 months. Which takes away remembering to take the pill every day.
  3. The contraceptive patch – pretty safe – 0.72 – 0.9
    Renewed every 3 weeks
  4. The vaginal ring – pretty safe – 0.4 – 0.65
    Renewed once a month
  5. The contraceptive implant – very safe – 0 – 0.08
    up to 3 years
  6. The hormone IUD – very safe – 0.16
    from 5 – 10 years

And there are a lot more!


  1. Basal temperature method – fairly safe – 0.8 – 3
    when not having sex on the fertile days
  2. Cervical cap – not so safe – 6
    pretty fussy
  3. Female condom – not so safe – 5 – 2
    May cause irritation and can cause allergic reactions (latex)
  4. Diaphragm – not so safe – 1 – 20
  5. Contraceptive Sponge – not so safe 17 – 25
  6. Spermicide – not so safe – 3 – 21
  7. Copper IUD (different options) – very safe 0.3 – 0.8
    Also read my blog post about it HERE
  8. NFP – fairly safe – 0.4 – 1.8
    2 cycle tracking options and not having sex on fertile days

And a few more…

I don’t feel comfortable writing about each one in detail, but I did my research and even though, how I got the copper chain IUD was not how I expected to get it, even before getting it, my mind was set on it once I would be in a serious relationship.
And I feel very comfortable now having it.

Although after one round of having it (up to 5 years), I will go to NFP (I would be 28/29 at that point 🙂 ).

There’s no right or wrong here, but definitely choose to think bigger than a condom.
Because if you read my blogpost on how I got my copper chain IUD, you would know, even in the best attempts to stick to safe sex, it might not be enough!

Let me know how you practice safe sex and ensure your sexual health.
What contraception methods do you use?
Do you go to check ups regularly?

We will see each other next week and until then,

shine your light!

Nirina xx