Degrees Don’t Matter – Celebrate Your Accomplishments Though

Hey Lightsquad,

I think I don’t have to do a rant about how degrees don’t matter.

And by that I mean, they don’t show your competency in the field you get it in.

Your personal work ethic and especially in jobs related to working with people, your people skills weigh way more.

A doctor who can do surgery, but has the empathy of a stone will be great in the nitty-gritty of the work, but not in his success with patient.

Vibes matter.

That being said, I don’t want this to come off as an ungrateful little brat, I really do appreciate everyone!

What I want to say is, don’t attach your personal or professional success to a paper with a grade or certification on it 🙂


Even worse than attachment is not even taking the time to celebrate the achievement of a new diploma, certification, skill, habit, you name it.

Which is why I want you to take a paper and write down everything, can be as small as possible, what you achieved within the last year.

Did you dye your hair after talking 6 years about it?
Did you make a new friend?
Did you lose 5 pounds?
Did you do an online course about graphic design?
Did you reach out to your mom more often?

These are examples.

I, personally, want to celebrate my latest professional successes.

Not only did I FINISH my life coaching course.
I finished an EFT/TFT and Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis course, too.
And this means, I can now help you with even more techniques to live your most lit up life!

What makes EFT/TFT and Hypnotherapy so special in the helping industry?

It incorporates the subconscious mind and it’s connection to the body.

We can work simultaneously now in all areas from body, mind & soul, consciously and subconsciously to break free from mental blockages and kickstart you into a growth mode in which you create an authentic vision for your life and follow through with a clear action plan.

You will have the confidence to build a business, to make the first move on a guy, to move to Hawaii or whatever dream has been dormant within you!

For all of you, you haven’t heard about the direction I got into and how I can help you:

I am a mindset & life coach and help you release mental blocks, get out of victim mentality and step into sovereignty and responsibility to embrace your full creator potential.
I help you become a conscious manifestor in all areas that are important to you.
I call this process: Uncover your light, because we all have it in us at all times, but dim it or had external factors made us dim it for a long time.

If that sounds intriguing to you, you can read more HERE and book your COMPLIMENTARY DISCOVERY CALL HERE 🙂

My current mission is to help 25 women to create a deep self-worth, find their life purpose and follow through with their authentic goals, creating impact and being of service to others, with radical confidence.

If that sounds intriguing, I can’t wait for you to reach out to me!

Also please stay safe and take some time for self care.

Hopefully hear from you! And otherwise until next week.

Shine your light!

xx, Nirina