Afraid of Big Investments? You shouldn’t be…

Hey Lightsquad,

have you been eyeing something you want to buy, but the thought alone makes you shiver with fear?

I’ve been there and done that.

And every time I am back in front of deciding whether or not to buy it, I ask myself the following question:


I know, it’s not always easy to distinguish them both, but with a little introspection you will get to the answer fast.

Consumer dept are often materialistic things that give short term satisfaction aka. instant gratification.

If they only prove worthy to you, that’s also a sign that it might be a consumer dept.

Another sign would be that having bought the thing/experience etc. would be a missing joy after spending the $$$ or even regret or fear.

How would investment dept look like?

Well, investment dept covers usually more expensive, high quality products or services.

For example a coaching or a retreat or organic whole foods.

Usually the high price tag comes with a premium service that lasts long-term.
These are things that improve your health, knowledge, skillset, well-being, finances etc.
You see, a high return on investment.

I know, even after this short description it can be confusing to discern. So, I give you examples!

You are at the grocery store and it’s between organic fairtrade chocolate or no-name chocolate bars.
Of course, the organic one is the winner, because it promotes sustainability, fair wages and health, but costs more than ordinary chocolate.

You decide on your commute. You have a cheap airplane flight and a first class train ticket.
That’s a harder one. But overall, the first class train ticket wins, because of the comfort of traveling, the better environmental impact, but it takes longer. This time you could trade in for being able to do work.
Because often for flights, you gotta be there early and also wait some time for your luggage.

Investing in a laptop.
Well, now it comes down to your unique situation. Because if you are a 15 year old high school kid who wants the newest shiny Macbook, I don’t think that’s an investment, but a status symbol.
If you are a professional DJ though, heck, yes, that is an investment, because it is used for advancing and maintaining your career.

See, how it differentiates from person to person?

But the question still stays the same:
Is it a consumer dept or an investment dept?

Turn inwards when you stand in front of a big chunk of money you want to spend or, in general, before spending any kind of money.

Because you decide what to invest in and want to attract more into your life.

A coaching btw, is always an investment with a high ROI.
Transformative even within the tiniest cell of your body.

I want to offer my 1:1 mentorship ‘Uncover your light’ to you which goes into the nitty-gritty of embracing your true confidence in your skills & abilities, merging passion and purpose into a profitable online biz and maintaining unshakeable health.

Why should you invest in me?

Mindset work was the single most influential investment I made and I from there in healed a chronic gastritis and other gut issues, my eating disorder, depression and anxiety, as well as manifesting my dream flat, making money with photography, teaching and coaching and from other no-skill required income streams.
Manifestation on a holistic level is my jam, my zone of genius.
And I will work out a foolproof unique manifestation tool-kit with you.

You will fast-track into embodying your higher self, your goals and compelling vision!

Sounds good?

Then book a FREE 30 min ‘Uncover your Path’ Call with me where we dig into a possible action plan and limiting beliefs holding you stuck in your current unfulfilling reality.

Anyways, I will see you next week.

And until then,

shine your light!

Nirina xx