ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m Becoming A Youtuber, sort of. DIVING into video.

Hi guys,

I’m known for surprise announcements, but I honestly really didn’t think this would happen at this moment, just because, well, let’s rewind a bit…


When I was about 12 years old, I already tried to become huge on Youtube with my bestie Judith.


That was before everyone was doing Youtube.
One thing you have to know about me is:

I absolutely HATE doing what everyone else is doing. I always wanted to be recognised for something I uniquely revolutionised.
And I mean this in every area of my life.

Take fashion for example.
There was a time when I was wearing black oversized leather-kind of boots and pullovers as dresses and I absolutely loooved that combination for autumn until…
2 years later it became trendy.

Guess who didn’t wear that combo anymore, yes me!

I know, I’d probably be the worst fashion influencer, because I really don’t want to look like replica of everyone else.
That doesn’t mean that I don’t accept and respect people that do.
It’s just, I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin if that happens.
You do you, I do me.

And this is exactly the point.

Me, even when it’s deep down in my subconscious am comparing individual lives and decisions.

So, I went inside my limiting beliefs and decided:
You know what, there might be a million people doing Youtube right now.

There might be a million people doing podcasts right now, but it’s still MY VOICE and MY ART and MY EXPRESSION.
And what I want to achieve with going these different routes on those platforms is supposed to raise awareness to our individual human potential.

And I would be totally egoistic to keep that from you, just because I can’t get over my limiting belief of trying to feel like I’m individual.
Because we are all born individual.

And we NEED people like me and you who make this world a better place.

It’s like the saying:
If there would only be ONE wedding photographer in the world, none of the couples marrying at the same time, would be able to have memories of their personal and special day.

Would that be fair?


So, if you’re waiting for a sign to finally TAKE ACTION to do whatever you written on your vision board or fantasising about every night –


As for me – following will be the platforms you will find educational, motivational & entertaining content regarding the topics of personal development, spirituality & content-creation from me.

Let’s go.


If you haven’t seen my advertisements for my new and specific website and accounts regarding my photography and mindset coaching yet, here you get all the deets:

You find upcoming influencer profiles from the wonderful people I worked with, photography how-to’s & tips as well as, of course my portraiture work.

I want to become a personal brand photographer now.
My photography was never about just taking random portraits.
I ALWAYS wanted to spread a bigger message with it.

And that message is to help female entrepreneurs building their personal (if possible, sustainable) brand.
I’m not just a service. I’m YOUR cheerleader.
I want to accompany you on your journey.

I help you by being not only the mastermind behind your product pictures/headshots and so on, I’m your accountability partner, your soul sister you can reach out to, if you run into any kind of problems.

I’ll be there providing you with tools from interdisciplinary areas such as business, spirituality and personal development.

It all goes hand in hand.

Will you take mine on your way?


As teased above, I always wanted to make videos and not only photography.
And I will do it on my own terms.

Why video?

Because a video can show my personality so much more. It’s easier to explain what I try to convey in my captions on Instagram.


And it’s a good business move to be on another platform. Since podcasting didn’t really work how I wanted to (which I still will mention later on – just wait) and I’m fucking passionate about videography, even though I know nothing about it…
I’m just following my heart on this one.

My Youtube-account is bringing together the two websites, this one and my photography one and you can follow that journey on:


Please help a girl out and subscribe! 🙂
I’m currently having 1 follower (don’t even know how :D)

Oh actually I do, the whole reason why Youtube is starting now is, because I applied for the About You #bestjobever again.
But this time it was on Youtube 😉

And I almost forgot. With the publication of this post, my first Youtube video is online now. It’s a little image video about the Glitter & Goals Event I attended in Berlin in June 🙂


I also didn’t want to have a podcast as mentioned above.

BUUUT, I also didn’t start my audio experience with a podcast, but with an Amazon Alexa Skill.
That was in January and February and the only reason I stopped was because I experienced technical difficulties and couldn’t even listen to my flash briefings myself.

Sad, but then I just converted them into a podcast which you can listen in German here:


It’s also available on iTunes and basically all major podcast platforms, just search for:
Folge deinem Herzen – Vam-po

I do have this podcast now, but the stupid thing about that is, there is no algorithm to support you or a specific search system with keywords, so that people can find you. And as a person with not a lot of reach, this was kind of devastating me.

So, I might actually start a whole new podcast or I might stay with this one.
I’ll update you on this.

However I decide, I will continue to do German podcasts first and foremost (to connect a bit to that side of me), but will also have English episodes 🙂


Pinterest is the reason this blog has gotten some kind of traffic when I was a bloody blogging beginner.

I think it’s an awesome visual resource for all kinds of things you might be interested in.
You can find content helping photographers and personal brands build HEALTHY HABITS, SUCCESS MINDSETS and FLOWING CREATIVE JUICES. How To’s | Recipes | Routines | Affirmations & co. here:


My pinterest for this blog is:



I can’t promise this setup of accounts is going to be the same for forever, but I’m really not making any more excuses anymore to not go after what I want.

And that is to make this world a more abundant place, one human at a time.

Oh, if you want something other very vulnerable from me – this is the song I released at the end of January.
I thought that marked the time of me finally trusting me 111%.
It kinda was, not in the way I expected though.

All things concerning this song are available to be read in this blogpost:


Long story’s short. Here you can listen to my song ‘Warriors’:


So, this was everything I had on my heart now.

What do you think?
On which topics would you like to have some videos/podcasts about?

What was one thing you always wanted to do?
Why haven’t you done it yet?