About Me

Hi, I'm Nirina

About Me

I’m Nirina, a 24 year-old girl currently living in Duesseldorf.
I’m passionate about photography, food and challenging myself in order to expand my comfort zone. Therefore, I’m trying to enjoy every single moment to its fullest.
On my healing path right now, I hope to get to pick this lifestyle up again, soon.

In January 2016 my life changed completely over night. I felt excruciating stomach pain. At first It was supposed to be a mild upset tummy. Later, it turned out to be just the beginning of a long period running from one doctor or holistic practitioner to another. In addition, I was diagnosed with multiple diseases including, but not limited to gastritis, intestinal bacteria overgrowth, chronic fatigue etc.

Almost none of the doctors did take me quite seriously, blaming stress for my condition. Little did they know, I discovered my root causes due to their lack of interest and professional knowledge. Trying all different kind of healing approaches, I was surprised how many fellow people are suffering from similar dispositions. After acquiring such detailed understanding of complex interconnections in the human body, I decided to create a platform for sharing these findings and my personal experiences, in the hope of shortening someone else’s pain.

This is supposed to be a safe place, so feel free to engage through comments or direct contact!

My mantra: Never give up, try to stay optimistic and be grateful for what you have!

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